General information


For any dashboard, on the top-right you can select the time period of interest (such as “last 30 days”). The same period can be selected interactively by dragging the mouse across an horizontal section of the chart.

This selection affects all the charts in the dashboard.

On the top-left there are menus for selecting the test levels of interest (such as unit and integration tests); also this selection affects all the charts in the dashboard. The levels shown by this menu depend on the way the projects have been configured in Argos: certain levels might not be available because the data collection configured for those projects does not specify them.

Argos will display data for only the selected test levels.

To the right of the test level menu there is a menu for selecting the projects. Again, this will render only the data pertaining to those projects, and in all the charts.

Argos logs

Argos logs messages whenever something does not work properly, for example when it expects a pipeline to publish some artefact but it is not actually available.

The dashboard “Argos logs” contains such messages.